Chaos Theory Ventures targets investments in the consumer product and service sector.


Chaos Theory Ventures is an early stage capital investor of start-ups, products, and services with huge growth potential.

CTV invests in innovative enterprises throughout the US, France, and across the globe, and creates commercialization pathways that generate wealth for our investors.


Chaos Theory Ventures' focus is geographically diversified, with offices throughout Massachusetts, hodings across the US, and partnerships throughout France and other French speaking countries. CTV has the ability to provide portfolio companies with local support as well as access to multiple networks.

Target Characteristics:

Chaos Theory Ventures invests in companies with the following attributes:

A focus on small start-ups in rapidly growing and underserved market segments
An ability to quickly achieve a leadership position in targeted market segments
A convincing business model with sustainable value with reasonable risk
Strong leadership
Integration of new or existing technologies in novel ways
A solid intellectual property position

Current Investment Focus:

Chaos Theory Ventures' is currently focusing investment efforts in the companion animal and herd animal industries.