Chaos Theory Ventures provides an unparalleled level of business and marketing strategy experience.

Strategy & Growth

Business/Transition Plans & Market Research

Whether you have the seed of an idea, plan to grow, or would like to pass your business down to another family generation, Chaos Theory Ventures can provide you with sound strategy and planning. Our Industry Knowledge is broad in scope and deep in experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of major industries that provide substantial value to each client.

Foreign Manufacturing & Import/Export

CTV's principals have years of experience sourcing, managing, and importing/exporting products of all kinds throughout the world. Our multicultural background and affiliations with shipping brokers provide our clients with the ability to negotiate different cultures, control production, and ship across borders without delay or added expense.


Outsourcing manufacturing to the right foreign businsesses can save over 50% of the total cost. Outsourcing to the wrong manufacturer could cost you your business. CTV utilizes its worldwide affiliations, from Europe to Asia, to help our clients locate and manage foreign manufacturers.

Investor & Capital Infusion

CTV and our Venture Capital affiliates are always on the lookout for that butterfly that sets off something huge. If you think your business or idea is that butterfly and needs capital to flutter, we would love to hear.


CTV assist our clients in buying, selling, and merging their businesses, ideas, and inventions to/with other parties. CTV can provide business evaluations, valuations, and strategic plans on business transfers.

Technology Consultation

Website Design

Whether you are just starting to search for a URL or want to improve your website's flow, CTV can help you build an electronic storefront that captures the world's attention. CTV merges an unparalleled level of creativity with technical resources to realize your highest expectations.

E-Commerce Conversion

Ready to take your business online but afraid about the design, security, and brand dilution risks? CTV can provide the development, testing, and creative design resources to make you site a safe, innovative, and user-friendly storefront that builds your brands reputation.

Web-Based Advertisement/Search Engine Rankings

Are you spending thousands on Pay-Per-Clicks and other web-based advertising schemas and not getting great results? CTV will provide you with an online marketing plan, negotiate with advertising mediums, monitor your conversion rates, and train your staff to maximize your marketing budget.

Outsourcing Implementation

Outsourcing project implementation to the right foreign businsesses can save over 50% of the total cost. Outsourcing to the wrong group could cost you double the cost of domestic outsourcing. CTV has a worldwide network of trusted implementation professional that can finish your project on-time and under-budget.

Venture Capital

CTV and our investors are always on the lookout for the butterfly that sets off something huge. CTV is an early stage capital investor of start-ups with huge growth potential. CTV invests in innovative enterprises and creates commercialization pathways that generate wealth for our investors.

CTV accepts proposals from portfolio companies with business models that look to destruct traditional business models or to create entirely new products and markets.

Entrepreneurs interested in a CTV investment should review this section carefully. Five sequential steps represent how you will progress through our investment process:

1. Written proposal: Submit a general description of your business for our review. Written proposals are accepted at any time and should be mailed to the address provided on the right.

2. Response: CTV will contact you with our determination on whether you may apply for funding.

3. Application: CTV will work with you to complete a detailed application and prospectus on your company.

4. Invitation: Based on the merits of your application, CTV may offer the opportunity to present to our investor group. If so, CTV will provide your presentation group with extensive coaching.

5. Action: Based on our investor group's decision, CTV may begin intensive due diligence on your business and make an investment. CTV may also require additional information, presentations, or research.